Personalised Sales Staff Training

Having been in sales all of my working career in numerous industries which includes managing sales teams remotely and locally.

With all the time it takes to effectively manage sales staff together with all the other responsibilities, Sales Managers often find themselves not being able to spend enough one-on-one time with each of the sales team members.

Working one-on-one with sales staff is highly effective as there is not a one size that fits all solution. Each solution and feedback will be tailored specifically to the sales staff member to uniquely work on their strengths which is always different to other staff in the sales team.

Services I am offering:

  • One-one-one training of sales staff
  • Co-Calling and observing areas that can be improved with full reporting back to management
  • Upselling, Cross Selling and added value sales
  • Increasing sales
  • Gaining new clients
  • Reviewing Sales Material
  • How to present more effectively
  • Training new sales staff
  • Motivating sales teams
  • Best practice sales tools and aids

And any other sales related assistance and mentoring.

I don’t have a list of one size fits all training courses – Rather I tailor training to individual needs drawing from my 25 years’ experience.

Most often an ‘outsiders’ view and input can be invaluable and this is where I can help your sales team be the best they possibly can be.


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