PressoPRO Stunning tablet presentations

Boost your Sales with Outstanding Presentations at your fingertips!

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and take your Sales Teams one-on-one presentations to the next level?

PressoPRO will give you the Wow factor to do just that!

Content at your fingertips!

All of your offerings always available! Present only the content you need!

Every Mobile Platform

Your choice of iPad, Android or Windows based tablet presentations!

One-on-one or Groups!

Present in face-to-face sales or to a room of potential customers!


Non-lineal Loop!

Multi channel and directional flow so you can tailor your pitch on the go!

On-the-fly Email!

Email screens of interest to your client directly from the tablet!

Push-Sync Updates!

Update your content and push to your sales team within minutes!

Take your one-on-one presentations to the next level!

Gone are the days of using flip charts, brochures or powerpoints… Going mobile and presenting your offerings with a tablet presentation will open your clients eyes and make them say WOW!
A PressoPRO tablet presentation lets you intimately present to a potential client by sliding and swiping through each screen of your presentation and seamlessly navigate to your content as your discussions take you… You have control to only present the content you need whilst having the peace of mind all your content is at your fingertips!
Bring your presentation to life with stunning graphics, animations and video content and put the sizzle into your sell!

Enhance your customers experience and get cut through with clear and concise information on every screen. Unlike a printed brochure you are not limited for space… in fact the amount of screens is only limited by your imagination!

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