Point of sale kiosks to promote and educate!

Bring your Retail Store, Showroom or pop-up store into the Digital Age with Professional Information Kiosks that drive sales!

Secure content delivery!

Password protected kiosk mode to block tampering and misuse!

Interactive Media!

Deliver rich content with graphics, animations and videos!

Intuitive Interaction!

Users can slide, swipe and tap their way to learn from your content!

Everyone responds to touch… Digital Touch Screens are like magnets!

The intuitive and interactive nature of touch screen kiosks makes them a very popular technological tool in retail environments. Style and Beauty with Images, Videos and Animation bringing your Sales Presentation, Retail Store or Showroom to Lifeā€¦
PressoPRO touch screen Kiosks are the latest, most cost effective way to educate, entertain and sell to your customers. The PressoPRO fully interactive Kiosks are 100% tailored to your needs, and can be updated with the PressoPRO Web Platform with new functionality and information as often as you like at no extra charge. Digital opens new possibilities for companies to engage directly with customers.
The use of self-service interactive kiosks with touch screens has gained tremendous popularity in many retail and service based businesses in recent years across various products and retail services.
Brilliant for promoting new products and services and helping clients learn about the new products and services and self-selecting based on the knowledge gained. This platform is also great for before and after images, client testimonials and so forth.
Advancements in technologies have made this possible and the use of interactive kiosks is expected to have a shorter adoption cycle to the mass market compared to the 25 years it took ATMs and 10 years for mobile phones.
This is confirmed by recent Research which highlighted that as much as 80% of retailers with both physical brick-and-mortar establishments and online stores intend to install and make use of interactive touch screen kiosks at their locations.

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