Technology is everywhere, and new technology is being developed almost every day to improve the way you interact with your clients, or so it seems… but it’s probably not for you. Sorry…

Ok, ok, before you begin a rant of why you, your business, or your product must embrace this new Digital Tablet Presentation technology… let me explain.

I’ve been involved in sales and marketing in one way or another for most of my professional career, 20 years now (yikes),  and all that has brought me to one inescapable conclusion… Digital Tablet Presentations are not for you!

You see, Great Sales Presentations are not for you at all… it’s for your viewer, your customer, your lead, your contact, your fan, etc. It’s not meant for you, and never was!!

I had a client the other day who said he already had a PC presentation that would compel his clients to buy from him… I was interested, so he offered to show me.

He pulled out his laptop, waited for it boot up, fumbled about looking for the right files… I thought to myself… Wow, this is taking a long time.  I really don’t have time for this.  If I were a client I would have lost interest by now. People don’t want to wait around while you fire up the laptop,  and fumble around  finding your material… and then when it all comes together…  wait for it – the dreaded PowerPoint presentation with clip art. Really? Clip art in today’s digital age?

At least when someone gets out a tablet, you’re going to see the presentation within seconds. People will wait for that long.

But after he had walked me through his nicely bullet pointed presentation I was confused. I still didn’t know what the product truly was, what was being offered and more importantly, why I should care in the first place.

So… I asked him, who’s your client, your prospect? How familiar are they with you, your product, and what you do? His answer… “They aren’t. This is to appeal to new clients”. My response was, “I don’t know you, so could I pretend to be one of your clients?”. His answer, “Yes, of course!”.

I hated to dent his enthusiasm, because he was very passionate about his business, but I had no idea what he was trying to say in his script. None. There were so many details, so much business jargon that I was lost in a matter of moments… long before his conclusion and call to action.

I never got that far. Why? Because the presentation was all about his business, what he knew, what made sense to him, what he wanted, all delivered in a bundle of hard to read and boring words that really had nothing to do with me – the potential client. Which was why I didn’t “get it”.

Trust me. I understand your passion is probably like that too. I understand you probably have a lot riding on implementing a new Digital Tablet Presentation. I understand that no one knows this stuff or can do it better than you… but that’s why it’s so important that the Digital Tablet Presentation isn’t about you, full of words you know so well but don’t mean much to a prospect.

Your pitch has to provide value to the client, satisfy a need, offer something to remember, provide a reason to do business with you. Visually stunning images and multimedia video evoke far more impact than a bunch of words you already know backwards.

And that’s why a Great Presentation isn’t for you, it HAS to be for the client. So before you spend the time, money and resources to create your perfect Digital Tablet Presentation, make sure you are not building something that only you will find interesting to watch with dated technology.

Unless that’s what you had planned on all along. And if that’s the case… good luck.


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