PressoPRO Features

PressoPRO is jam packed full of features and we are constantly developing new additions!

Compatible with your device

We don’t discriminate… Freedom to use the tablet that best suits your needs!

PressoPRO works with modern tablets including iPad, Android and Windows8.

Non-lineal loop!

Multi channel and directional flow so you can tailor your pitch on the go!

Hotspot buttons!

Jump to anywhere within your Presso or even to live websites!

Kiosk Mode!

Password protected kiosk mode for trade shows and display stands.

On-the-fly Email!

Easily share screens from your Presso via email at the touch of a button!

Wireless Connectivity!

Wirelessly connect to HD TV or projectors – mirroring the tablet presentation!

Multiple Pressos!

Access all your presentations quickly and easily from within our app.

Search with Meta Tags!

Quickly search for screens within your Presso with meta tags.

Online Presso editing

Edit and update your Presso in minutes with our online system!

Manage Your Users

Invite users to access your Presso’s!

Push Sync!

Push new and updated Presso’s to your sales team for syncing!

White Label!

We can personalize your app login screen with your brand!

Graphics and Documents!

Presso screens can be either JPEG graphics or PDF documents.

Video and Animations!

Bring your Presso’s to life with rich media videos and animation!

Assets Library

Manage your graphics, documents and video files in your library for use across multiple Pressos!

Custom Graphic Design

Our creative team will design a look & feel to make your Presso POP!

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