Client Example – Red Seal

Red Seal is a New Zealand owned and operated company, specialising in natural products. Founded in 1923, the company is best known for its range of supplements, teas, and toothpastes. The business is owned and managed by Rolf and Rosi Hilke, two people passionate about supporting health and well-being through natural therapies. Their brand promise is to make the best quality products available at the best price possible, making good health affordable and accessible to all.

Sue Millinchip, Sales & Marketing Manager approached Sales Presso Pro to design and build iPad presentations specific to their various sales channels to support promotions and the introduction of new products.

Sue felt that the current approach to channel sales was very limiting. Brochures and catalogues took time to design, were expensive to print, and became outdated quickly. In addition they were generic and not tailored to specific sales channels, and were not able to support multimedia presentations such as replays of TV ads.

Sales Presso Pro worked closely with Sue to clearly understand their business needs and expectations. The result was visually stunning and informative iPad presentations that were not only tailored to specific clients and channels with branding to match, but also included videos of current and past TV advertisements with sales data to support these campaigns.

The result was a very well received presentation and very impressed and motivated buyers, not only lifting Red Seals brand presence but also increased sales through the various channels.

This project has been highly successful, leading to the development of two follow on projects showcasing new products and new TV campaigns.

To whom it may concern:

Red Seal recently tried using an i pad presentation developed by Sales Presso Pro to communicate an above the line campaign and to gain trade commitment for off location display. Our sales team found the presentation very easy to use and were excited to be using a professional tool that gave them a competitive advantage with the retailer. Results to date have been very good and we expect to achieve good growth versus last year based upon the number of displays we will be putting in the trade.

Brett was very responsive in developing the presentation and ensured we had account specific presentations at an economic cost. The total cost was in line with developing traditional paper based presenters with the advantage of versions specifically for each retail chain.

We will definitely be using Sales Presso Pro for future presentations and I am happy to recommend them as a professional and exciting alternative means of communicating with retailers.

Sue Millinchip

Sales & Marketing Manager, Red Seal

… Our One buyer had a lot of fun working the iPad himself which was fantastic for building a stronger relationship with our customers.

…presentations have been very well received.

… It has been great to be able to join the major companies & offer a Professional presentation on our Floradix TV & magazine advertising.

… As not all of our Grocery Buyers get to see TV ads, it provides an opportunity for us to back what we are saying to them.

… This not only increases their customer awareness, but drives the Sales at store level.

… I found the Sales Presso really good and easy to use. The buyers were interested and it helped to get more products from the range into store by talking them up and backing with sales info.

… The information was simple, factual, and we could race through or give a more detailed story according to time and interest.

… For a novice I felt very comfortable and in control of the presentation.

… Found the tool easy to use and something different to the normal way of presenting to the buyer/stores.

… As a result I believe this was able to give us a better impact, was also a great way of getting buy in by allowing the buyer to scroll through the presentation while talking up the benefits etc.

… As far as using this in all my sales calls, it depends on the call, some stores like to see the whole presentation while others just want the “guts”, in saying this because of the I-Pad some buyers who may have not otherwise actually did go through the whole thing.

… I am using my iPad and sales Presso in all calls. Very easy to use and is working a treat.

Sales Team

Red Seal



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