Client Example – Beam Electrolux

Presentation, Quote and Agreement Signed: in One Call

BEAM Central Vacuum Systems are attractive, affordable built-in appliances that appeal to homeowners as well as the commercial sector. A system consists of a combination power unit-dirt collection receptacle, power brush, hose and cleaning accessories for whole-home cleaning.

Mike Wiggins (Business Manager) and Conrad Muschamp (CEO) engaged Sales Presso Pro to design and develop an iPad presentation for use across the entire dealer network in New Zealand.

The agents were using brochures to demonstrate their product offering to potential clients. They relied on receiving these brochures from Electrolux Head office and with the introduction of new innovative products these brochures quickly became outdated. They knew that videos and animations showing how the system worked were effective, but they didn’t have a way to do that face-to-face with prospects.

Beam’s one-on-one consultations with prospects lacked the wow factor – they needed a more exciting way of showcasing their new global branding tagline “Enjoy the messy moments” Working together we developed a flow chart to track the flow of the presentation and to determine where the various media types needed to be. The Presso we developed included graphic screens, videos, animations, video testimonials and generic site plans, which instantly made their offer extraordinary, lifted their profile and made them different to their competitors. We also added the capability to include quote forms and agreements, floor plan integration and much more, all on the tablet!

BEAM were delighted with the ability to demonstrate systems through animation and stunning visual screens, ensuring prospects have a very clear picture of the products and system on offer. In addition the sales process is streamlined by having documents signed, edited and emailed on the iPad there and then using a high tech stylus. This ensures no misunderstandings and an accurate digital document trail – all in one client meeting.



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